Pyrite Cluster

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Product Features:
• Size: Small (approx. 2.5 inch)
• Shape: Natural and irregular
• Color: Metallic gold with occasional hints of brown and gray
• Texture: Rough and textured
• Origin: Mined from the Andes Mountains in Peru


Healing Properties:
• Pyrite is believed to have powerful healing properties that can benefit both the mind and body.
• It is said to promote mental clarity, focus, and confidence, making it a great stone to use during times of stress or anxiety.
• Pyrite is also believed to help boost physical energy and vitality, making it a popular choice for those seeking to enhance their physical performance or endurance.
• Additionally, pyrite is thought to help increase prosperity and abundance, making it a great stone to keep in your home or office.


• Place the Peruvian pyrite stone in your home or office to promote prosperity and abundance.
• Carry the stone with you throughout the day to help boost your energy levels and mental clarity.
• Use the stone during meditation or yoga to enhance your focus and promote relaxation.